Update 8/5/18

Finally an update on the status of Prado Raceway!  


First, we would like thank you for all the support and interest in the opening of Prado Raceway in the heart of So Cal.  We are in the final process of completing the Environmental Impact Report (EIR).  The EIR is a huge report that is over 2 feet tall of technical reports and studies that are required to make sure we get this project properly planned and approved.  We expect to have the EIR process finalized by the end of the year.  


It seems like it is taking forever, but the Raceway will be worth the wait and will be welcoming all ages and skill levels to off-road sports.  Please stay tuned for more updates as we work through the final steps. 


Thank you again from the Prado Raceway Team


The gates have dropped and the race is on to bring motocross back to the Southern California area.

After 10 years in planning and development, we are excited to announce that Prado Raceway is in the last phase of the process and will open soon. We will provide updates as we move toward the track opening in 2018.

As a quick overview, Prado Raceway will be a premium, family oriented, multi-track motorsport park.  Our tracks will be designed to welcome all levels of riders from pee wee and beginners to professionals and everybody in between.

The sport of motocross has a long and rich history in Southern California and we are incredibly proud to be working with the local agencies, industry leaders and riders to bring the dream back to the area.

The response has been incredibly positive and we are very thankful for your support.

Thank you,

Prado Raceway


Proposed Location